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Forest strawberry

Forest berries will be found in the forest at the end of May, June and July. The tiny red fruits that are big on the fingernail are very tasty. Forest berries are not only a delicious forest fruit, they also have some healing properties. While walking, we will find forest strawberries along forest paths, in forest cuttings, along the forest edge, along shrubs on the edge of the meadow. They grow all the way up to 2,200 m high, which means we will find them in the mountains as well. They bloom from April to June, and the flowers are soon followed by delicious tiny fruits. Forest berries are propagated by seeds that are generated on fruits and dwarfs. Forest strawberry is not only a good treat for children and adults alike. It is also a medicinal plant. The fruits of the berries cause the uric acid to be purified from the body. From the leaves and roots we can make tea that helps against diarrhea, inflammation of the oral cavity and mucous membranes, cleanses the kidneys and bladder, and helps with inflammation of the liver and jaundice. There are not many berries in Slovenia, so we will not change from them in the forest. However, they should be kept in mind. If found, we will be able to enjoy a sweet treat.

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  1. what a beautiful capture. I love the strawberry picture so much!

    I used to, when I was in the forest more, look for wild Blackberries. Strawberries need more sunlight and I used to walk int he deep woods. But the edges of the woods out always have blackberries.

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