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For me Christmas starts with Christmas Carols

Apart from planning for that party,  back home it is the Carols that put me in the mood and I start playing them around December 10 and so, today is the day

 Much water has flowed under the bridge since that trip we made to Singapore.  It was in December that we took that tour and shops there were packed with everything ‘Christmassy’.  We both grabbed as many casettes as we could mostly carols.  In those days casettes existed as long playing records had just made way for them. 

 That is history now but we have loads of them languishing. We have every singer on earth who has sung those carols but those casettes are of no use to us  We have a huge collection of CDs now but they too are almost redundant as youtube has the best of whatever we are looking for.

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Written by grace


    • I can understand but you must move on Sandra and create an atmosphere such that you would want to celebrate Christmas. Hope you will listen to me.