Food after being moldy

Some people think that just by removing the mold, then boiling the rest at high temperatures, can continue to use. In fact, only if the food is moldy, a large amount of aflatoxin will be produced inside the food. Regardless of the reaction at high temperatures, aflatoxin will not be destroyed. Aflatoxin is very toxic to the liver and only 1 mg can cause poisoning in humans. If you use these foods for a long time, the risk of liver cancer is very high.

Today, people’s living standards have improved a lot, not eating well but eating for good health. As living standards improve, people’s health awareness will also increase. Only by eating sensibly and eating scientifically can we help the body strengthen the immune system, able to fight the disease.

  • If you find moldy foods, do you use them?

    • Yes
    • No


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