Folk Art?

I love to create, I always have made something in one form or another. Its in my nature.

My ultimate goal is to work with metal, I am drawn to metal art and the industrial decor.

Although I have laid my paint brushes down by no means I have stopped painting, I have had to focus on business, making a living and there I have the plan to create also.

Yesterday I heard a know it all tell someone that his art if folk art, he was hurt by this because he sees folk art as something totally different.

Me? I don`t mind the labels because I know some people say these things out of jealousy. However I have never classed my own paintings.

This is one of mine I did many years ago when I had just grown my wings and I was about to step off that cliff and fly.

I fly well 🙂

By Andria Perry

Art by Andria Perry

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    Do you free hand paint?

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    Do you Paint for others or what you have on your mind?

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What do you think?


Written by Andria Perry

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