Focus on the feeling of being, not on the look

A few days ago last weekend, I was lying on the masseuse’s desk and felt how hard she was “persuade” one side of my back – so much stress, fatigue, and emotional strain there. My great masseur said that at the moment the number of Scandinavian tourists is increasing and there is no shortage of Nordic clients.

In her practice, she has noticed that Lithuanian women come looking very well, dressed in expensive clothes, tidy – in other words, attractive to the eyes of others. But their bodies, it is impossible to imagine how much of stuck energy, pain, and hardness are stored there! Meanwhile, Scandinavians look much simpler, giving their bodies more freedom and oxygen, and they are more flexible and relaxed.

I was lying on the massage table and really felt how the masseur’s hands took out expectations to myself, fears, anxiety, and frustration out of me. We still focus so much on the facade, on cosmetic repairs, and on the inside, we are overstretched, tired of the burden of expectations, which not only psychologically but physically breaks and hardens us.

Often, communicating with people, I notice an enormous lack of self-confidence, a complex being that arises not from objective reasons but from the simple idea that something is wrong with their bodies.

After all, our bodies are meant to experience joy, smell, touch, love, and to wallow in nature. They are great because they can walk 20km to the seaside, swim across the surface of the water, they can warm up and prevent another from dying, they can bring new life – after all, it’s magic! But somehow we still focus all our attention on the meaningless surface, which is about that most rapidly deteriorating layer.

Standing up from the table at that time, I promised myself to go for a massage more regularly. And I clearly realized that I wanted to focus even more firmly on the feeling of being, not on the look.

Today, after dawn, before starting my job tasks, I took a ferry to another shore just to listen to the birds and stay in the tranquility of nature. However, it is still too gray there. But nature perfectly places everything in place and reminds us that exterior glitter is of little value against that eternal, uninterrupted cycle of nature.

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