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Flooding Memories and the Magnolia

We do not have too many Magnolias here. I have seen only about 10-15 trees so far. I love these flowers and their wonderful perfume. My visit to the park on Saturday was one of those special times when I saw the magnolia in bloom. I didn’t actually notice the tree itself, it was the perfume that made me look up. There weren’t too many blooms on it, but the young tree was filled with buds. Maybe in a weeks time the whole park will be filled with the fragrance of magnolias.

It’s wonderful how your sense of smell can transport you into another time and another place. Have you experienced how smells can bring memories flooding back and carry you away to another place letting you experience the past for a fleeting moment. My memories rushed to a time when I needed an emotional break after my mother’s passing away. The resort we spent our week in had a huge magnolia tree in one corner of its huge wooded property. I would wake up early each morning to go sit under the tree and think about my mom and the wonderful times we had together as I watched the sun rise.

I was taken back to that holiday and beyond just by the fragrance of these flowers. I love the way our memories are stored and retrieved.

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