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Flight in a hot air balloon

Last weekend, I was in ninth heaven! And I still feel for the ninth heaven. As if I have been in my dream. Because the feeling is unspeakable. Because flying in an air balloon is like dreaming with your open eyes.

Watch the sun go down. Seeing the horizon. Perspective. Whole. And the individual details of that whole. See as much as your eyes can see, and at the same time feel part of that wonderful green and vibrant world, with the balloon hovering lightly and slowly above the ground. And above the everyday.

And I don’t even know how many years I’ve been dreaming about it. To fly is an old dream of mine. And I kept waiting for it to come true. And now I don’t even know why I haven’t done anything to make it happen.

Maybe I didn’t want too much ?!Maybe my priorities were different then?Or maybe something else was important to me at that time? More important ?!

And now I think that most of the time we have done nothing to make those dreams come true. Because we “don’t buy a ticket”…

But maybe it’s time for everything? Maybe it all happens when we make a decision. When we decide to live, to no more postpone life. When we decide to wait for nothing. When we believe we CAN (afford it). And let’s get things going. I do not know.

And I also don’t know if this is a good year for me or if I stop anymore, but my long-matured and cherished dreams come true one after another.

I wish you this too.Buy that “ticket”! And fly.Because dreams without action (or without determination) remain just dreams. And if one of your dreams fails, invite someone to the company. Because together – always fun! And things happen much faster.

There are no architectural rules for castles in the clouds. What dreams are – that life is like.

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