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First set of users data for the Mover's project.

I introduced the concept of the four groups or types of authors yesterday.

  1. Movers who move their posts
  2. Movers who bring external views to the posts of others
  3. Movers who bring internal (members) opinions to the positions of others
  4. Movers who bring external and internal (members) ideas to their posts

Initial observations – the rate to 100 views have changed radically. In the past, eight authors got to 100 views of at least one post a day, every day. Within 24 hours (give or take a couple of hours), their newest post would be over 100 views. That rate has changed to more than 36 hours for the majority of authors. The price of 100 views has slowed.

The impact of being on the two Virily author lists (trending and most commented) has also changed. The effect or value of being on those lists has declined by roughly ½. It used to mean that once you made those lists, you would gain 40 views. Now you learn 20 views.

As promised today, the path to moving from group one to the other groups.

Group One – This group has the lowest impact on other authors. Based on that, you have two straightforward options to leave Group one. The first is simply share the posts of others on social media. Group one authors do not share anything except their jobs. The other thing is to make a point of having comment conversations with other authors. Do either or both, and you are in group 2, 3, or 4 in a short time. This group tends to post five or more posts per day. They have to maintain growth.

Group two – moving out is quite simple. Simply start having conversations in comments on other authors’ posts!

Group three – already does comment; the only way for this group to change is to add external or social media sharing.

Group four is the hardest to maintain; it is the one that impacts authors both in the site and externally.

Remember, no author should demand you comment on their posts!

Movers project posts



  • Question of

    i would prefer not to be part of group one?

    • yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Should I use names in the findings report? Actually list authors and their groups?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    ps the poll bug is back!

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. It’s really getting more difficult to earn Virils …
    and now that I’m hardly here, it just gets more difficult …
    I actually comment more than I post … but I don’t see much movements in the Virils …

    Anyway, the poll bug is getting worst, I rmb the last time I post,
    I refreshed and everything I typed were gone!! OMG!!

    No (1 votes) – 20%
    yes (4 votes) – 80%
    Yes (2 votes) – 50%
    No (2 votes) – 50%
    Yes (4 votes) – 80%
    No (1 votes) – 20%

  3. Right now it seems I am sitting in one place when it comes to my payment and if it goes like it is going my next payment might come by the end of the year and it shouldn’t be that way. I mean I was not so active for a while on VOCAL and then I started posting more and now I am a bit over $20 and if I keep going I will soon reach a bit over $35 and then I can get paid. Then of course. I start all over again but posting several times a week should get me up again. It should be that way here since for PayPal you need $10 and that should come along every month.

    • I agree and based on that old Virily model you are right, that worked for 3 years. The new model is all about conversations.

      but my hope is as the views creep back up (they haven’t yet) we will see them increase the value of the virils.

      The real issue on the site is the decreased value of a viril.

  4. Interesting observations, thank you for sharing! It would be interesting, if there’s a way, to see some more specific numbers. For example, someone who shares they own posts and get a ton of external views could have a better impact on the site’s earnings overall compared to someone who is very active with other users and has an impact on the earnings of specific members.

    • well first off, both help the site (group 3 and group 4 users)

      The data that you are seeking exists but I don’t have access to it. I asked the admins to bundle the site stats and let us consume them 30 days behind. i can get some of it, and honestly, I find value in both types of users you mention. The users that are only for themselves in the end, don’t help anyone. But if they help drive the site overall, that is ok as well (the ones I’ve found do not help the site overall).

      but that met with crickets, from a monetary perspective i would say that data is probably something they wouldn’t share.

      • I didn’t think we are entitled to such information, but on a second thought, why shouldn’t we know which of our efforts are fruitful and which are not.

        I was speaking hypothetically, and you are probably right, but without evidence it’s still more of an opinion what or who is right and wrong.
        As I said before, I don’t share anything anymore, so kudos to everyone who shares at least something and brings views. Even if it’s their own work, those people don’t earn anything or take anything away from others, so good for them. I see myself as number 3 (if I am a mover at all) and it’s not an easy task.
        We need all these types of people here, including those who are not active authors but still take time to read and comment on other people’s work. They are often more active than people who split their time between writing and reading, and they deserve reward too, in my opinion.

          • I can suggest a few positive and useful topics. I know you have covered some in the past but if you are interested in them, in the context of virily, I think it would be useful:
            – practical tips for better time management (how to find balance between writing, reading, commenting and sharing);
            – tips on how to build engaged audience on social media (in order for shared virily posts to get clicked on);
            – how to inspire your readers to have a discussion under your posts.

            I tell you from personal experience that sharing was a waste of time for me. So it’s not just a matter of doing it, but what’s the result. In my case, barely any clicks. Not to mention all the spam marking and the occasional “your link doesn’t work” when the site is down.

  5. The number of views has really dropped. I notice that a lot of members have stopped working. I’m very little on social media and don’t have many “friends”. So I don’t share much.

  6. For now, I can’t give an exact answer as to where I can join. I just don’t want to promise something that I may not have time to fulfill later. Sometimes I can’t even respond to comments on my posts.

  7. I have been in all of these groups at one time or another. I will continue to comment and respond as much as time allows. I do not share a lot on social media, but I have done more lately in hopes of trying to help Virily do more than just tread water. Thanks for this post Doc.

  8. Although my English is too poor to say my opinion I hope you will understand what I want to say.
    I think everyone has their own strategy and it is not a unique recipe for getting views. On the other hand, the number of views on a post is no longer very important for the author, apart from feeding his own pride. I had posts that had a large number of views, but very few paid views because all the views came after I had already accumulated 50 views allowed. (Also, maybe you noticed there are only 20 paid views on a post, so I’m happy with 20 views on my posts) I don’t think the number of views on a post it’s very important for the site because most of these views are self-views.
    Distribution on social media has an effect only if the distributor has a large number of followers. Not my case!
    I agree that the most valuable are the comments!!

    • i understand and agree with you to a point. It is the one sticking point that many forget. Virily gets paid by the views. Virily gets more revenue, we have a chance to earn more again!

      i do agree everyone has their own strategy.

      The social media distribution issue is one that i struggle with as well. i find that my followers on social do not always like the stuff I like!

        • so if we take a site view – there are 75 or so authors right now. The average number of views for a post is lower now than it was.

          in fact, the average viewing for anyone post is around 60 views or roughly 5000 views a day for the site (please note both of these are estimates and could be wrong)!

          The rate to 100 then becomes more important! it raises the total number of views in a period.

          i am worried about the overall decline at this point.

          • I am very worried that virily has only about 75 or more authors. I will not mention the name of another photo site that I visited after two months. I was pleasantly surprised how many new members there are. And they are active. I do not know what stops the development of virily.

      • “The social media distribution issue is one that i struggle with as well. i find that my followers on social do not always like the stuff I like!”

        Well… you can’t use the same bait on all kinds of fishes. :(..


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