First Job interview

Who can forget their first job interview?  I surely will not.  It was a success – my first interview.  I was well equipped.  Body language I was told was important. While waiting at the Reception I was told I should not look anxious.  Those who would interview me may just watch us candidates waiting.  I had a book in hand and that was what was told to me – just pretend to read. I pretended as you very well know,  how can one possibly concentrate!! 

I also equipped myself to know a bit about the Company that had lined me up for that interview.  Everything was stage managed. I looked at my folder a million times to see if I had brought with me all the certificates. 

I was neatly dressed with no makeup and that again I was told would be a plus point.  

I did not stick there for long as I had ambitions to work for a multi national which I did and I was there for 22 long years. 

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  1. My first interview for a job came after university. I was told that I probably would not get the kind of job suited for a university student because everyone was looking for experience. So I was advised to learn basics like typing. I went to take typing courses and my first interview was for a secretary. They gave me a typing test and I knew I was just not fast enough. However, the company looking for a secretary was a marine insurance company and after I left when my interview was done I got a callback and they asked me if I was willing to learn to be a marine insurance adjuster. I said sure because I wanted a job so badly. I worked in the marine insurance field for 8 years before I left for Latvia,


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