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Fire ants

In the last week or more we have been having loads of fire ants in our garden. They are all over the place, in every plant, every container, under the benches you name it and you can see them.

I wonder what caused this migration from the ground to two floors up on the terrace. These ants are called fire ants locally as the bite like crazy if you go anywhere  near them, it burns like that part of your body is on fire and it itches for the next 48 hours. These are so small , less than a .5 cms in length . We usually dab a bit of coconut oil on the spot to relieve the fiery heat.

The presence of these ants makes it almost impossible to water my garden or care for my plants.  Last evening hubby and I both got bitten by a ;large number of these vicious creatures. I had like rashes all over my legs, but hubby looked like he was having a allergic reaction to the ant bites, he was red all over. I quickly gave him an antihistamine which I always keep and he was okay after an hour or two.

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  1. Oh no. DAWN! I am so sorry, its that darn hot weather you’re having. I can tell they are fire ants, that red glow. Yikes. I do not like them at all. One morning I woke up to something similar in our desert property. I always like to grab a cup of coffee and go outside to enjoy the cooler morning air. After my cup of coffee I decided to do some landscaping. I was stacking rocks to make a planter. I felt it, that first sting, it was in my shoe. It was not a fire ant but much worse. We do have fire ants, but this was a harvester ant. They had made a home in the ground right were I was going to put that planter. By the time I got my shoe off and realized what it was that got me, I had three on my leg. I ended up by getting about five stings. I was in pain for 48 hours. The most intense sting ever, and they arent lying. You need to find the nest or nests if it is within your walls.

    • Oh no, Thankfully we don’t have harvester ants here. I am try to find the nest around it is possibly in the neighboring property. They have let the place grow like a forest. I need to speak to them .

  2. I also have a lot of ants in the garden, not only red but black …. I bought one poison and sprinkled it otherwise they will eat everything ….. it was a warm winter and they didn’t die

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