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Find my car, a great tool to find your car in the darkness!!!!


Last night I was going to Raven’s game in Baltimore. The first thing to note is that the game was kicking off at 425 pm. It was the featured late game. More importantly, around 55 minutes after the kickoff the Sun was going down to end the day. The days are slowly getting longer because we have passed the winter solstice. But it still gets dark early. I decided to be smart and remembered what gate I came into the stadium because the parking lot with my car was right in front of the gate. I figured that was the smartest way to solve its dark, where did I park problem. Except for one small error in my plan, I memorized the inbound gate, not the inside the stadium gate.

Then, to add insult to injury, I also ended up getting lost in the Stadium, twice. I cam out of a different gate than the one I cam in. But, there was a saving grace. There are several devices Hum, Automatic, as well as the map function of your cell that allows you to “know” where your car is. I launched the Hum application and selected the find my car option. I realized, looking at the image in front of me where my car was. It was literally on the opposite side of the stadium. Luckily it had stopped raining around the end of the game. I was able to walk around the rest o the stadium. Rather than walking around aimlessly, trying to remember where I parked, I knew where I parked.

The other nice thing about the GPS on the cell phone, as I pulled out of the parking lot of the stadium, the GPS asked me if I wanted to save 40 minutes. Yes, I wanted to save 40 minutes so while everyone coming out of the lot was turning left, I turned right! I was home way earlier than I would have. I understand that not everyone uses GPS. Not everyone is going to sporting events where there are many cars, but if you do, the value of having a device that knows where your car is, reduces the impact of walking around the stadium searching for your car.  You can also mark where your car is in the Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps or any other of the many mapping applications for smartphones.

Never lose your way or your car again!

  • did you know you can simply set your smart phone mapping to where your car is?

    • Yes


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    • The tools by the way

      Hum, plugs into your Onboard Management Por tin your card
      Automatic also plugs into that management port of the car
      Your smartphone, any mapping package
      google maps
      Apple maps
      TomTom (on your smartphone)
      copilot (on your smartphone)

  1. I didn’t know about this app until now, dear friend … I will have to ask a friend if my phone has this app … probably has one …. otherwise there are no such big objects in our house that I would not find a car

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