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Finally I decided to seek clarifications here

I still consider myself a newbie here.  I have just about completed 70 plus days and happy that I have got the hang of how this site works having received payment once and feel I am qualified to receive payment for both August and September at the appropriate time.

However, a few things have  been bothering me and I am sure there will be others too seeking answers.


The question is about badges.  I have been keeping a track of sorts and notice certain badges are not getting added even though there is enough input. I see scores of quizzes, polls, being added every day by several users  but they just have those 5 badges and no more.

Having said that the oldies have a string of badges

OK if the site has decided to do away with certain badges then why have them on some as that does not give a true picture as there would be many users who joined later with great input.

Verified users:

Verified users are not moderated but I see violations here and there.  How does this pan out to keep the site clean?

Trending and most commented:

Even though there are users with higher views and comments in a limited period of time they do not feature in these categories.


Although tags are added at the time of creating posts they do not feature once they are published???

Let me reiterate I have nothing against any users  who get projected here but need some input on clarifications I have sought.. They are my friends and I have a great rapport with them.

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Written by grace


  1. The badges and the verified user questions bothered me initially now, I have decided that the site doesn’t award these anymore.
    Has there been a single user in the last couple of years to receive verified status? I am curious.

    • Wrong information is doing the rounds such as one needs to be here atleast 10 months but as you have rightly said so many even with 2 or more years here are not enjoying that benefit, Wish we knew the criteria.

  2. If a verified user breaks the rules they lose the verified user status. There was not a single verified user until the site was more than 10 months old. No one has gotten to be verified without being on the site for a minimum of 8 or more months.

    while I applaud your effort I will say this. YOU HAVE TO SHARE links. You cannot make a claim (some users are violating the rules( without links to the violations.

    Trending and most commented is done over a single day. the clock for a post starts with the first comment and then goes until… the until is variable as I tried to explain to you previously. It is never more than 24 hours.

    Tages work for some users, but you have to do them a certain way.

    Badges are a topic Carol, myself and many others have brought up many times.

  3. I have been here for over 2 years, but many things are still not clear to me and I am not burdened with this … I also recommend that you do not burden yourself because you will not come to any smart conclusion, my friend