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Fight Dementia Ricks

Dementia is a real problem and hardship in families. The stress is compounded as family members try to learn how to deal with things and where therapeutic lies are often a part of the solution. It’s a struggle. 

Some of these simple tips might surprise you. They are all backed by numerous studies.  Bacteria that cause gum disease can spread to the brain. It goes into the bloodstream then the brain is exposed and dementia results. So brush and floss to reduce the risk of memory lapses by 41%.

Daily physical chores that use major muscle groups are essential. Most people get 17 minutes of exercise a day simply by moving about.  So twenty-five minutes of exercise a day can help the brain function as if its 11 years younger. (Just dance).

There are some movements that can be helpful. You can try sweeping the floors, doing the laundry, light housekeeping, a 15-minute walk, relaxing stretches and singing.

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