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Fenugreek a treasure of health.

The use of fenugreek is common in the subcontinent for a pleasant and aromatic dish. In Arabic, fenugreek is called halba, a salad rich in mineral salts, folic acid, calcium and phosphorus. Several hadiths and traditions related to the utility of fenugreek are also mentioned, according to which this fenugreek is effective in treating various diseases.

The fragrance of fresh fenugreek is not sharp But after flowering, when the leaves are dried in the sun, it gives a very pleasant fragrance. Fenugreek has been reported to benefit in inflammation of the throat, and shortness of breath. It also reduces the severity of the cough.

Experts also use fenugreek for inflammation of the lungs, lower bone fractures, anemia and joint pain. It is effective in relieving nerve fatigue. It is used in many cases to prevent diseases. Fenugreek seeds, seeds or grains and leaves are also used in specific ways for healing.

Fenugreek is very famous in India , Pakistan , Bangladesh . Afghanistan and some Arabic country,  Which is effective in diseases such as back pain, arthritis, ligaments, spleen and paralysis.The use of fenugreek is also beneficial for face and hair.

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