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Feeding table food to dogs

Table food is the food of humans that some say are not fit for dogs. Vets and breeders always recommend to give the dogs only dog food, there is dry and there is also wet that are in the can. Dog food regulates the digestive system of dogs. But come to think of it, dog food in cans are processed food. They say that processed food is not good even for humans. So why would I feed my dogs with processed food?

Our dog is fed with table food. It can be boiled chicken wings with no seasoning. It can also be fried chicken drumsticks or pork, again with no seasoning whatsoever. For the fish, it can be broiled or fried also with the policy of no-seasoning. That is fine since our oldest dog is already 12 and still looking good even if he is not as sprightly as when he was young. Our table food for the dogs is the healthiest for them.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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