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fear of closeness…

People are not really afraid of the closeness of what is happening in closeness. The main fear is that if the person leaves too close, he will see that in reality it is not worth it, that he does not have the values he has presented, that he does not deserve to be loved. And this is why this type of fear of closeness is actually afraid of losing love, from rejection and pain of being left alone. It’s about people who did not accept themselves, who, as adults, believe that they are not beautiful enough, smart, capable, successful to earn a loved one.Despite their fear of closeness, these people want love.

Another common type of fear of closeness is the fear of betrayal. Regardless of how much a moment she feels she likes, the person is afraid that this will change and that others will abuse all the secrets that she has trusted him as the closest person. For her, closeness is dangerous because she expects blackmail, manipulation, and betrayal.

The need to interact with another person is the risk that others will “swallow” us and that we will lose ourselves in that relationship, and it also causes fear that we may be hurt or rejected. This fear is even more complicated if we In early childhood, some of the relationships with significant persons have been experienced as injurious, painful, which we have not resolved, ended, in which we did not find adequate response patterns and which still stirs us.

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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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