What are your favorite Autumn Memories?

Walk around your neighborhood and check out your current autumn scene. Is it the pretty leaves, rainy weather, people dressed comfy and warm, or just enjoying autumn treats at the mall. Autumn is also a time when school starts, and many kids, teens, and college students are collecting new items they need for a new school year. College students are packing up to go to their college. While at college, living in the dorms, I actually went with a group of guys from my dorm to watch St. Elmo’s Fire on the campus one night, which was actually free for students. I never saw it at the theatre when it first came out, and I didn’t think it was that great when i watched it for the first time, but I now realize that it was all about the hardships after college. I have actually experienced many of these activities on his poll, although I haven’t watched all the movies on the list in this poll. I think certain colors and scenes put me in the mood for autumn, and some just bring back old memories and childhood autumn moments.

  • Favorite Autumn Scene:

    • colorful trees lining the streets like a lovely tree bouquets
    • colorful leaves strewn on the ground like a blanket of rustic colors
    • harvesting pumpkin, corn, and squash from your local farmers’ market for making homemade autumn treats
    • cool weather and short days
    • autumn fashions in warm-toned colors
  • Favorite Autumn Activity:

    • Hayride, or at least sitting in the back of a pickup truck
    • hanging out around a bonfire roasting vegan marshmallows and vegan hot dogs while chatting, playing games, and telling stories
    • reading a good book with a lighted tealight candle
    • sipping hot cacao while watching a good Indie/foreign movie
    • sipping espresso while browsing through a magazine
    • sipping tea while chatting on the internet
    • hanging out at a coffee shop
    • going hiking or even street hiking
  • Favorite Autumn Movie:

    • When Harry Met Sally
    • Rudy
    • Good Will Hunting
    • Rushmore
    • Election
    • Autumn in New York
    • Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail
    • Love Story and Love Story Sequel
    • St. Elmo’s Fire
    • Planes Trains and Automobile
    • Dead Poets Society
  • Favorite Autumn Holiday Trip:

    • Beach Art Walk, bonfire, and staying all weekend at a hotel
    • Mountain Skiing and sledding while staying at a cabin for Thanksgiving Week
    • City Museum–Weekend getaway of art and culture
    • Suburban Art Gallery–weekend activities at the mall, art gallery, and theater while Staycation
    • Downtown Garment District–Weekend getaway in LA or NYC shopping for the latest fashion week must-have fall items, while enjoying cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, and nightlife and staying at hotel
    • Countryside horseback riding—enjoying nature, animals, homemade vegan food, long walks, and old fashioned activities while staying at Bed and Breakfast
  • Favorite Autumn Food:

    • Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, or Pecan Pie
    • hot drinks with pumpkin spice powder
    • hot apple cider
    • corn and mashed potatoes
    • raw vegan pasta with zucchini and squash as well as seeds
    • vegan eggplant dish
  • Favorite Childhood Memory in Autumn

    • Carving a Pumpkin
    • Drawing a Thanksgiving Picture
    • Family Reunions
    • Eating lots of food until passing out
    • Watching Sports on TV as well as the Parade
    • Going window-shopping or even looking for bargins at the mall and people-watching
    • Playing football at the local park with family and/or friends
    • Going to church, praying for the needy, and being thankful for what you already have

What do you think?

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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