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Father's Passion transferred to daughter

The number of eager people making tattoos around the world is increasing and there is also a girl who made tattoos with blue ink on her body while following her father.

The 23 year old Nadel,  from Dundee, Scotland, made tattoos on 90% of her body by paying 15,000 pounds, She says , this is not enough, she will tattoos on her remaining body.

Nadel says when she first made a tattoo on a short body part, the interest grew even more, and then within a month, the 90 % of the body was painted in blue ink. Nadel says  My dad loves tattoos and I want to be like him. “I had this passion since childhood but at the age of eighteen, I was legally allowed to do tattoos on the body,”  The bottom of the eyes still look empty, even here I plan to make tattoos.

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