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Fascinating Facts About Rabbits ~ #3

If you spend enough time around rabbits, you may be lucky enough to witness one of the cutest behaviors in nature. 

A bunny will hop when it’s happy and do a twist in mid-air.

This adorable action has an equally adorable name: It’s called a binky.

Yesterday I actually saw a wild rabbit in my yard do a binky. I could not catch a photo, he was too far away.

But he made me laugh outloud. It was such a cool experience.

  • RABBITS “BINKY” WHEN THEY’RE HAPPY. Cool to see right?

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. Very interesting. I am going to give you another fascinating fact about rabbits… Spain means “Land of Rabbits”, I know it is peculiar. When Romans conquered Spain, they called it Hispania (the land of Rabbits) and the Latin word Hispania evolved into EspaΓ±a as Spanish comes from Latin. I did not know what you tell in the post, I think it is funny. The rabbits are beautiful. They look cute. Perhaps the rabbit did a bunky because it saw you!!!!


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