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Fall in line with my thoughts

Why would people want everyone to fall in line with their way of thinking?

Some people demand that others fall in line with their thinking or face the consequences.  Everyone has a right to think and act as he/she feels like. When we expect people to think and act like us we expect them to give up their individuality and tie their hands behind to turn around and fellow our footsteps.

It is fine to give advice if needed, but it may not be all that fine to insist that people follow their actions. I believe when we coerce people we use control or arm twisting techniques. There are times we just need to let go , let things be , accept them problems and work around them.

Remember you cannot get along with everyone, Some people just don’t  gel with your kind of personality.  You are not the right fit for each other.

It would be good to be aware of what kind of emotions are you feeling and how is it affecting your work relationship?

Give yourself some emotional space and give others their personal space too.

It would be good to pick your battles instead of constant bickering over every disagreement.

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    We all need our personal space right?

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    It would be easier to pick our battles than bicker all the time, right?

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What do you think?


Written by Dawn

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  1. Everyone has the right to their own opinions and they can share if they like but no one has the right to tell them they are wrong and force their own opinions on them. I think there is enough room in this world for individual thinking.

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