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Eye To See ~ Themes by the Month

“Are your eyes more special than ours?”

“Actually, how do you see the truth? Why as if you say that right and wrong do not exist? Then how do you explain the true truth, is noble teaching like religion or morality, not a true truth?

My eyes are not special, don’t have any advantages nor strengths. Even now have to use glasses plus to read. Maybe my body asked me to see more in positively way because when I was young I saw more with negative “glasses”.

About truth, all of us who have been brought up with teachings that contain justification for the sake of justification, whose minds are limited by limited concepts of justification, how can we easily recognize that infinite Truth? “

Then be familiar with every understanding that is taught to you. If it makes you limited and bound up in fanaticism, always feeling right because you feel you know the most righteousness, you are moving away from that infinite true Truth.

The dialog above is just something to accompany the picture above as participation in THEMES BY THE MONTH Challenge which had started by Kim.

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