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Extremley loud and very close – Admins please approve posts!!!!!

First of all, I have seen the plethora of “I got paid posts. This is my repeated please email the admins and ask them to approve pending posts. I won’t go into what I think about those. It is good that the site continues to pay people. It means money is coming in. It is, however, at a much-reduced rate.

In July 2018, you had to have more than 80 views in 20 hours to get the tending tag.

In July 2019, that number was around 70 to get the trending tag.

Now that number is around 40.

As an author, I am concerned. The only way to make any decent revenue on this site now is conversations. Let me clearly define a discussion here on this site. It is not you leaving a comment and moving on. It is not you responding to a comment on your post. It is at least two comments by one person and at least two comments by another person. If you have four or five conversations on a post, you will hit the maximum credit for comments on a post. In the end, between views and comments, you will ear a lot more with conversations than without.

Now is the time for all of us to take stock. There is an adage about a bacon and egg breakfast. The chicken is involved in breakfast, producing the egg. The pig was committed because, well, that is how bacon is made. Committed authors are here now, commenting, and sharing with you. I genuinely understand the time and other commitments, and based on that, committed authors aren’t here on the site every day. But when they are, they are helping reading and sharing the posts of others. The non-committed authors aren’t here. I understand the frustration that many of them feel. But let’s take a moment to thank the authors that continue to work for the rest o us!

I believe in this community we have on the site. I enjoy the many conversations I have with the beautiful authors here. We’ve lost many people to TSU so far, but they will be back. The new TSU has filled to the brim with spammers and #supportmeitis. So it will either change radically or go under again. This site is after four years still paying, still here, and still getting views.

So thank you to those that have stayed, fought, and continue to comment and share. You are my hero!


This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)

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    ignore the seagulls (that swoop in drop a post and leave) focus on those helping others!

    • Yes
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    Do the right thing, because it is the right thing!

    • Yes


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Doc that was very beautiful what you wrote here. I do not like to post things here because they either go into draft and stay there or in pending and not always get approved. I also do not have pictures to post things so it is hard for me here. I come here but not all the time because it will take me a long time to get paid here.

    • honestly, at this point I do not know. Ergo shouting from the rooftops. you and Thomas, introvert and others have talked about hiring authors to review posts quickly. i love the idea and have sent it tot he admins four times already!

    • fi was in a hurry with the title and should have double-checked. oh well, I caught it after publication. We would still have an edit button and no one would have ever seen it, if not for the bad behavior of some authors on the site.

  2. Can’t they give approval rights to some of the seasoned writers on the site since they seem so backed up on approving posts. Now when they approve these new posts is it less than a handful. This feels like a never-ending subject.


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