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Exciting journey of life

Warm rock under your feet, ocean to the horizon – the best place to grow. Being in warm wonderful places, I always think about how it would be great to live in such a place… If I was born between these mountains, I might not have understood. But with over 40 years of rainy winters behind, every sunny morning is a miracle. I pray that I will never stop admiring the beauty I see while traveling. 

Being in Fuerteventura, I loved running on a mountain to ventilate my head. Once in the middle of the mountain, another runner overtook me. I tried to chase briefly, but quickly suffocated and slowed down again. I am not used to running in the mountains.

I already knew that I would not be the fastest in the world: there would always be faster, better and smarter than me, so what now? Nothing special –  just to live as always, to run the way I like most.

Because in life, it’s not the champion’s medal that matters, but the exciting journey.

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  1. It is interesting that my life has always settled me near water. In Latvia I lived close to the Daugava river and would go walking along it. Now I live between the ocean on one side walking distance and the Halifax River on the other side also walking distance. I guess mountains were not meant to be in my life yet all my childhood summers were spent in the Catskill Mountains of New York State

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