Examine the Motive

Understanding the motives for others behaviors is a good skill to have. It is great to have a person who boosts you up and helps you out, as long as you understand what their motive is. I have a friend who just wants the world to be peaceful. That is all she wants in life and that is her motive for everything and everyone.  She simply can not believe that the entire world does not feel that way. And knowing that is motivating factor is useful.

I have another friend who just wants to be noticed. She is willing to do anything or say anything just so she will be noticed. This is hard for some to understand and still if you understand her motive you can deal with.

I have an aquaintence and his motives are to gain power and control by putting others down. He delights in tell the world when he belives that some one is smarter than he, or better than he or if people admire someone ohter than he. Knowing this about him is helpful.

The best way to learn about someones’ motive is to quietly observe.

  • Do you know what your motives are?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do your motives ever change?

    • Yes
    • No

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