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Everything is temporary

The eternal is only temporality. Everything goes away: pain, trouble, work, fatigue, and also joy, euphoria, and orgasms, unfortunately, don’t last as much as pigs (30 minutes !!!!). But you know what’s best – we understand that everything is temporary.

And so we have the power to either enjoy it, enjoy it wholeheartedly as long as we can, or not to sink in and sorrow, because after all, even the most terrible things, somehow end. 

That perception is an incredible power. Superpower. It frees and gives wings. Make decisions, not to be afraid, not to complain, not to worry, to dare, to do, and to fly.

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  1. If everything changes, does this mean that there is a progression of changes heading in a certain direction, or are the changes just recycling things over and over again, in which case, any changes would not be real changes?

    Was there a beginning that also changed when changes first began?

    Is there anything existing that never changes?

    Is there anything behind the change, an eternal principle or law that ensures that changes are being made in the “right” way?

    My mother lived and died. Nothing can change that fact now. Her life was temporary, her death is forever, eternal now, I would say.

  2. Great post. Yes, I realised this some time back, that although some things last a lot longer than others, everything changes eventually, nothing lasts forever. Even the Earth we live on will change its physical shape at some point, and the world will eventually end. All we can do is make the most of everything good but not try to hang on to it, because it will change anyway.


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