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I really like the clear beginning and end. When you enter the room, you are one way, and when you leave the room, you are changed. This is how I do each year – before it starts, I set goals (only big ones) and directions I would like to move, and at the end of the year, I note how much I have moved forward.

In this respect, the goals of 2019 are being fulfilled. I made a lot of categorical, maybe even drastic decisions. And that’s why I’m very proud of myself.

I am very pleased with all the countries visited this year,

I began to think less about what others think of me, my actions, my words. It just taught me most of the “opinions” to politely skip past my ears and think about something nice at the time. Because everyone thinks about someone, but if I think what others think of me, there will be no room for my own thoughts on them.

I realized that one of my best qualities is not having patience. I can’t stay long in places I don’t like. I am not able for a long time to communicate with people who are not interesting to me. I can’t endure long without saying what I think. This attribute helps me make changes, even scary and radical, but they only lead to better things.

And no matter that I had some emotionally hard moments this year, I’ve been living full-on and did really everything I planed, maybe even more than I could.

Light thoughts and people in the new year!

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