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Material and spiritual as the first duality of the elements of the universe have presented life which is nothing but a state when there is a union between what is alive and what is dead. It also provides death as a deliverance between what lives and what dies. This Life and Death is the second duality of the universe created from the material and spiritual elements of the Divine. They roll in a perpetual cycle because they are rotated by chains of unification and release that take turns.

In this universe, the element that always lives is the Soul, while the element that always dies is the material universe. Life is never limited by death because what is alive will always be alive. Nor is death limited by life because what dies will always die. However, this real-life period is limited by death and limits death by the start of a new life.

However, truly in death when the Living One has become detached from the material form he once occupied, he immediately occupies a new material form in another dimension. With this knowledge, it is confirmed that actually life always continues even after death in the real world. For that reason, stop being sad for every death because life is always there, it’s just that it changes dimensions, from the dimension that can be seen into something that is not easily seen.

Developing from the duality of life and death there are then other branches of duality in the universe. Joy and sorrow, sadness, happiness, poverty, and other duality rainbows. The various duality that colors the world and also when facing important events in life, namely death.

This world is provided as a place of learning to recognize all the duality that exists in life and death that must be lived many times so that the learners can understand, accept and unite with all the duality of this world and also unite with the duality of life and death as an essential part.

When it has transcended the duality of life and death and has succeeded in understanding, accepting and uniting with the inevitability of the existence of the first duality of the universe that is material and spiritual, learners will easily understand the Supreme Life as emptiness and content of the emptiness of the universe. Finally, after understanding all of that, students will realize the cycle of Divine universality and move in silence with the Supreme Being with universal consciousness.

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