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Entrance to the Beehive Tomb of Agamemnon (1980-11-28 0017_01)

28 Nov 1980

Mycenae, Greece

Pentax MX

SMC-Pentax 50mm f:1.4

Fujichrome 100 (EI 125) 15/2 (handheld)

Scanned with a Wolverine F2D Mighty slide scanner

Edited with ACDSee Ultimate 2019

Agamemnon was the Mycenian king who, according to the Greek author Homer, fought in the Trojan War and reportedly built the Trojan Horse. Although we know that Agamemnon was a historical figure, we are not as certain of Homer’s tails about his exploits including the Trojan Horse.

I edited the image with ACDSee Ultimate 2019. I adjusted the lighting and increased the clarity. Then I sharpened it a bit.

Photo © 1980 Gary J. Sibio. All rights reserved.

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  • Do you believe that Homer was writing history or fiction?

    • History
    • Fiction
    • A bit of both
    • I don’t know


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Written by Gary J Sibio


  1. Most ancient historical or play authors wrote from fact and fiction all intermingled. At least I am pretty sure of that fact… Great photo… Even though I did not understand what you were saying about the editing etc. No offense but I am useless when it comes to photography. The fact remains that your picture is exceptional and makes me want to go and possibly visit the tomb of Agamemnon…

    • That’s what I was thinking also. It’s probably a mixture of fact and fiction.

      Don’t worry about not understanding the processing info. I’m on some sites that want to see that information so I include it.

      If you eer get a chance to go, do so. I was only in Greece for a couple of days but it was well worth it.