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Elephant Ears ~ Alphabet Challenge E

Elephant ears (Alocasia and colocasia) are highly prized for their large and dramatic foliage.  The leaves on the one in my garden measures about 18 inches in length and about 15 inches wide but they are known to reach as much as 2 feet across. The leaf can range from light green to near black and is shiny with attractive variegation.

This  year I planted the tuber under a tree and it seems to love it as it is the first time it has grown so large.  Elephant ears are tropical plants so if you are in a cooler climate as I am, you will need to plant the tubers in spring when there is no longer a danger of frost.

At the end of the growing season, I remove the tuber and store indoor  in some sawdust over winter You can also plant it in containers during the summer or transplant indoors as a houseplant over the winter months. I have never tried it as an indoor plant. Combine your elephant ears with colorful annuals for a dramatic display in your garden.

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Elephant Ears plant ©Gloridaze

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