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A few more days, exactly on April 17, 2019, an election will take place in my country. The temperature of politics is at its peak, so are the pros and cons of all people.

In times like this, in the whole process of the democratic party, which involved all components of the nation that used various communication media, flowed very heavy information flows in all directions, both factual and hoax, has created various tensions. For this reason, all roles as members of the nation should be carried out effectively and maximally for our own good and progress.

As a person, I have committed not to be directly involved in practical politics, such as being a party member for example. However, realizing that I, as the leader’s board center member of two organizations;  mass organizations and NGOs, In addition to working in accordance with the profession, indirect involvement in various ways cannot be avoided.

Since the last few weeks until the next few weeks, I will continue to be preoccupied with these activities. That is why I have limited time to visit your posts and also reply to your comments, both on my posts and your posts. However, given my love for Virily and all of you as my dear friend, I’ll continue to strive to do my part as a member and user of this site my best.

Through this post, I intend to inform you about my reduced activity here for a while and hope that you can understand.

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    Do you know my nationality and in what country do I live?

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    How well do you know my country?

    • I am a countryman with you
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    • Know a little
    • Only ever heard of its name
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  1. I have been to Jakarta three times during a project. it is a very busy city!

    I know that your land was once held by the Dutch. That you, as well as the Dutch, fought against a Japanese invasion during WWII.

    I also know that your freedom to elect whom you choose to elect cost you the life of many people including I believe your father.

    Freedom is purchased with blood.
    It is held, dear in fear that we could lose it.

    • Yes, I remember you once said that you visited Jakarta several times.

      Wow! You know my country pretty much, dear friend. Yes, our independence, we have obtained with a long struggle with the blood of the nation. Our struggle is not over, Indonesia with the fourth largest population in the world still tends to be treated or positioned as a market and not as an industrial country, which we must admit is our own fault.

    • Glad to know that you know my country from your Grandparents, Pamela. Java is one of the largest islands in Indonesia, and is inhabited by some of the largest indigenous tribes, and the Javanese are one of them.

      I hope that the election will succeed well and bring goodness to our nation, Pamela. Thank you for your support and hope.

  2. I know Indonesia is an island country located in Southeast Asia(I liked the geography at school ?). I know about Sumatra where was the epicenter of the earthquake in 2004 wich caused the tsunami that killed a lot of people. I know Idonesia has talented singers (two of them won the Golden Stag Festival, the most popular Romanian song contest). I know it is a muslim majority country and…that is all I know!


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