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Educational toys

I have nothing against educational toys that some groups are espousing for the children. It is one way of learning for the kids, the proponents say. I agree with that idea. But there’s also the enjoyment that the kids need when playing with the toys. If all toys are educational then kids would have a boring childhood.

Where is the small tricycle that the toddler could pedal? How about the trolley with 2 wheels where we learned the art of balancing the body that later on the skill was promoted to the bicycle? How about the skates and the skateboard? There are so many toys that kids enjoyed in the olden times that I hope the kids today would not be deprived of.

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Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. I also think we should look for balance everywhere. Educational toys are a great tool to teach our young generation, but happy childhood is a must for all our children and without their favorite activities, there will not be a happy childhood.

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