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Suddenly out of work after twenty good months in the work force as casual. I’ve come to understand the importance of relocating my mind in the direction I had not planned to be– stuck at home– again.

Family is well, thank God. But out there where the world is shaped by a sudden wave of fear, worries, interrupted freedoms– it’s easy to lose sight of focus.  It’s easy to fall prey into the claws of despair and putting purpose in life into isolation.

James Allen, 1903, mentors me in the weeks I’m home. I’ve no where to go. As A Man Thinketh is pretty much keen on putting my mind to rest, headstrong.  Allen says that if I keep my purpose central in my life, I’m in the best position to have all petty worries, fears, troubles, and self-pitying locked down in their quiet proper place of not bothering me.

Well, his advice works. I am strong and resilient as I need to be where my family needs me. And whenever and  where I need me.

I must take ownership of my life in this particular crisis. It’s easy to shut my eyes and see myself as  a victim of circumstances. I have a purpose to fulfill. And my one and only purpose is an important part of the greater purpose– a very good plan– for a greater good. I’ll just have to wait and see.

God is running the world. He’s the Captain of our ship and is keeping us safe from sinking. I wish you all safety, good health and peace.

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