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Easiest way to propagate strawberry

When I researched on how to multiply strawberry, I first tried planting the seeds, they are the small dots on the exterior of the strawberry fruit. Since my strawberry plants were fruiting so it was easy to have the seeds. But after so many planting of such seeds, nothing appeared on the ground. That means the researched advice is wrong or I was the one who planted it wrongly. But whatever it is, I need to propagate my strawberries.

Now comes the so called “runner” that is like s thin stem that grows long and plants itself on the ground. The runner is like a limb that is tethered to the mother plant. Once the runner develops leaves and roots, it can be cut from the mother plant and it will be a new plant to speak of. In the picture is the long runner with 2 new plants growing. You will notice that the mother plant has a flower already which means it is giving us a fruit and at the same time new plants too.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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