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Dyer or clothes hanger?

In this tropical country, the clothesline is still common for drying the laundry. The heat of the weather dries the wet clothes within hours especially when there is the summer wind. Most home who have a washing machine and dryer would do away with the dryer after washing since the clothesline can save them of electricity.

But what about the rainy season? Clothes are difficult to dry because of the humidity so the dryer is imperative to be used. Good dryers dry the clothes well. But spinners that are not really a dryer can extract the water from the laundered clothes but not all of it. In other words, the spinned clothes still need to be dried more. And the answer to that is the clothes hanger. Place the hanger inside the home and train an electric fan. In half a day, the clothes will dry properly.  

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Written by Alex Socorro

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