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Duplication or Editing

After a reading a few articles on Virily about Duplication, I decided I would express my views and observation on the subject. Let me make it clear right at the start  that these are my honest observation and views and not written to support or pull up anyone.

There are a few article writing sites that allow for editing. Hubpages is one of those. You are allowed to edit your content and the editors have a look at it to ensure that members do not play the system. Here editing content is actually encouraged to help you keep your content remain updated and useful for the users and to make your content Search engine optimized.  However the edited content is neither treated as new content nor does it get the benefits of new content.

Interestingly on another site called  Medium allows editing of content.  This is mainly to ensure that the latest information is added to the article. For example when you write about let us say ‘how to earn in virily” and there have been many changes in the site during the time, the articles which is published is false/outdated  from the present point of view. So the changes that are made to each paragraph are done in bold to ensure that the user view the old content and the new information.

Editing of posts/articles however helps avoid another  another kind of duplication, that is duplication of  articles appearing in the searches made via search engines. But as far as posts in Viriliy are concerned I am not sure if it really helps. Majority of the posts here are neither educative or news styled articles. I may be wrong in my observation, but I say this from what I have observed so far.

In Virily these posts just grab the lime light and run away with views, I maybe wrong about this too, but this is what I I have observed thus far.


I like the fact that we can edit our posts here ( only verified users I think) but it would help if  Virily ensures that these posts do not get extra mileage  

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Written by Dawn

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  1. I agree with you 100%. I have only needed to edit a few posts since Virily started. I will not bring old posts up and edit them, because of the problems Doc listed. If I do make a new post and notice a mistake I will edit them.

  2. I advocated for editing our posts for many reasons and you cover them well.

    1. we need to be able to fix errors in posts.
    2. overall since views are WAY down we as a community have to do something.

    I think we are on the same page. I agree that edited posts should not gain the benefits of being a new post, but I also think, they should start at zero if that makes sense.

    The value on Virily contrary to what has been said on the site is being on one of the two lists. When you make most commented (and it isn’t an edited post) you game between 30 and 40 views and a number of additional comments.

    It’s natural on a site to pick something that is clearly there. It sits on the right side of the posts you read, of course you are going to pick it!

    There are 100 reasons why to edit posts and I think everyone should once this initial issue gets resolved.

    Well put!

    • Edited posts are not duplicated, they are edited, that is about it. That is not even being questioned , I am only worried about the fairness of it all and how it will affect the site and the community here. They really grab visual space and don’t give new posts a chance.

  3. It is not about blaming people ( not a individualistic thing) it is about the problem the site has overlooked while adding this very desirable feature – the unfair attention to older posts. Take the me and them out of the equation and the discussion would become objective.

    • Was this meant as a reply to my comments…?
      I know what you mean but there was blaming people included too (not by you but other people) as a part of it…
      I know what you mean but that is not quite true… I mentioned so many Facts about it in my recent post about it (if you read it) so I can’t repeat it, then in Illeana’s today’s post, and, also, there are Different ways to solve this because edited /especfially updated posts do deserve attention too – the same one people who post several posts every day get by posting them in rows of 3-10 posts a day while other people’s posts become unreachable way down in the Latest list that way… So we can talk about that too you know, but no one is paying their attention to that but only to what reduces Their interest………!

        • Its true people will have their own opinion about everything and they have a right to. Also there are ways of solving problems. It gets difficult if the objectivity is lost. I only hope that virily will see the whole thing in the right light and do what is right for the community.

      • I understand that there is a limit to how many posts you can submit in a day, but I have no idea what this is. Perhaps the limit is too high?

        I know of sites where activity is limited by how much you can do within a set time period of less than a day. If – say – you could only posts two pieces within a six-hour time slot (but most more when this time had elapsed), this would leave plenty of room for other people to get their pieces seen without being swamped by somebody who posted six pieces in an hour.

        • I was just naming the examples of which people who are doing that never talk and I also never complained but now they are those same people complaining about this…

          I didn’t quite understand the way it works but it would be good if there would be another order and organization about it…

  4. The number one reason why we needed to edit our posts so badly here on Virily, is because all the photos in older posts have disappeared. A photo gallery without photos doesn’t look good.
    I understand how people can take advantage of the editing option, and that’s unfortunate, but in whatever situation, those who want “to play the system” will find a way to do it.

    • You make a valid point here Ellie925. We need the editing option. I am clear about that for various reasons, then older pictures being one of them. A gallery would look silly without pictures. that is so true.
      I am sure Virily can ensure that the edited posts don’t get that unfair advantage. There must be a way to do that.
      I agree unscrupulous people will always find a way to play the system which the editorial team need to be vigilant about and we as a community can help them along.

  5. I was putting it boldly when it was the same post I had to edit several times, because it was that kind of an article – itr wasn’t actually An Article but Updated Notes – it would be completely illogical to post a new post about each update on the same post – theme! Later I posted another one with all gathered info in one place and updated of course too… – I’m saying this because there are people who are accusing me for that – they see only the Negative side of it but I still think people who are not able to see it differently are simply mean and that is their problem…

    When it is a regular post, I add the info – update either boldly at the bottom or in the text depending on the info I’m adding…

    I don’t think there is anything bad in such posts becoming visible as new because they ARE kinda new – updated (I already wrote about that in my latest post about my Edited posts) and it only enables to people who haven’t seen it to now see it and people who are against are actually just mean if you ask me…

      • Please note that this is a common issue and not related to any one person.
        It is a Virily issue which is why I compared the same feature and how it is used on other sites.
        Let us think about the interest of the site and our common interest when we discuss this issue.

        • And I write about it in that way… Virily IS consisted of different Users and Their opinions right………? Also, those people don’t see the common interest in it except theirs… I already said my opinions on the General Interest in Illeana’s post, can’t repeat…

        • PS I don’t understand you saying this here but then in all the other comments actually commenting about a personal interest… While I actually commented about that same thing here… Actually, I was commenting even more on how I do it in comparison to the ways it’s done on other sites…

  6. The important thing is that people don’t game the system and gain an unfair advantage by simply reproducing all their old stuff and carrying forward all the previous comments.

    There may, however, be some value in old posts getting a new lease of life, especially if an issue has returned to public view and a new discussion would be appropriate.

    If it were possible – and it might not be – I would to see a limit on the proportion of text that could be repeated. For example – no more than 50% of the original text can appear in the new post.

    However, this would not work in the case of genuine editing of posts to correct errors, where only a few changes might be made. Perhaps there could be time limit on this form of editing.

    I would also like all the old comments to be stripped away, so that the post started from scratch – which is what I think you are calling for.

  7. You are right why the editing feature on sites such as Hubpages and Medium including Vocal Media is encouraged and the benefits derived from updating the published content. Most of the posts on Virily don’t require editing because they are very short. However, it does not hurt correcting some spelling mistakes. Some of my posts contain lists of facts which some need correcting and others to be deleted.

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