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I don’t work for Virily. I don’t have any more insight than the next person. There are always a series of speculations and guesses. It’s normal to be curious and to want to know the facts. I had another participant ask me a question that I found to be very interesting. I don’t know what the answer is, but it was an interesting point.

In the help section, he pointed out this question and answer. (If you go there you can see it yourself. “Can I publish the same content twice? No, you can’t. The content needs to be original.”

So that raised another question from the Virily member that posed the question to me. At what point does an edit become duplicate content?  Wow. I had not truly considered that. I did a little research and in academic circles, it seems that less than 25% can be the same or similar content. As I said, I don’t know the answer. At the same time, it seems that editing becomes publishing the same content twice. I now understand why many people on Virily have chosen never to use that feature. I had edited a few posts for spelling errors. In retrospect, I think that was not a good idea. So now, I will only edit within the first 10 hours and I will clearly mark the post as edited.

I understand why Virily has chosen to make the most recent changes. They seem well-founded are made to try and keep the site sustainable. That is a tough job and not one I would love to take on. I would assume it’s a lot of hard work.

As I am trying to keep all my posts based on bringing outside views, I would love to feel like when I am inviting them on social media that I am inviting them to view unique content. So in that spirit, I want to address self plagiarizing. 

What is it? “Self-plagiarism is commonly described as recycling or reusing one’s own specific words from previously published texts. While it doesn’t cross the line of true theft of others’ ideas, it nonetheless can create issues in the scholarly publishing world. Beyond verbatim sections of text, self-plagiarism can also refer to the publication of identical papers in two places (sometimes called “duplicate publication”). Moreover, it is best practice to cite your previous work thoroughly, even if you are simply revisiting an old idea or a previously published observation.” I think it may be easy to make that mistake, especially if you are writing from a personal perspective.  Perhaps there is much more to learn.

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    Have you learned about self-plagiarism?

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    Is edited content sometimes duplicate content?

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  1. I only edit the content I am about to post if I have made a mistake. I have not even looked at all the posts I have on this site. I never post the same thing on two different sites. I have all of my work saved to my PC so it I am thinking about writing something and it seems to me perhaps I have already done that I go and check my previous work.

  2. If you take something you wrote and published on one site and publish that same thing on a different site–a poem, for example–I do not think that you are plagiarizing as it is your own work. However, you are creating duplicate content. And Google frowns upon that. That is why sites tend to not allow you to publish something that has already been published elsewhere online, even if what you are publishing is your own work.

    Editing a post you’ve written should not create duplicate content as you are editing that same post. The number of posts doesn’t change. What if you published a post and now realized you have some typos? In this case, you’d wanna fix that and editing is how it’s done.

  3. A lot of my content from a couple years ago has broken hyper links, missing pictures, etc. Hence, I’ve been going back from time to time to “fix” these posts. It doesn’t reflect well on me or Virily if the content has mistakes in it.

  4. Why editing would be Enabled AND Allowed if it was like that then……… That is why it’s called Editing………!
    It would be Duplicate if I, for example, published the same content Twice in TWO Different – Separate Posts, not the same post “twice” – due to editing…

  5. I usually think that authors who bother to edit their posts to keep up with current times are those that are responsible for what they WROTE. Sometimes, a post will stay on top in google search for months or more and the author will update his posts so what readers read are up to date.

    I’m not sure how would that be duplicate or self-plagiarism.

    However, if you do look around carefully, Virily have quite some posts on the edge of self-plagiarism, including some of mine … oops 😐

  6. One problem we have is that it is not at all easy to find content that you have written in the past. Without a proper search engine on Virily, I don’t see how you can know whether you have already posted something if it was two or more years ago and you have posted hundreds of pieces in the meantime. I imagine that many members are like me – we have thousands of pieces stored away that were used in the past in various forms and on a whole host of sites, many of which no longer exist, and we want to make further use of them – but have we already done so and forgotten about it?

    Also, the rule may be there, but has it been enforced? Can the editors distinguish between an edited version of a very old post and pure self-plagiarism?

    • There is one other side of it… What if you decide you don’t like your post anymore… So you either decide to delete it or to put it back to drafts (it’s the same way admins are doing before approving posts if a post is not good enough)… And then, a little later you actually regret that and still decide to (re-)publish it or to write a “new” one that is actually the same as the deleted one… Btw, we are now able to Delete posts too…

      So let’s not look at things one-sided………

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