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Duplicate Comments Error

I am experiencing the “Duplicate Comments Error” since past two weeks  when ever i comments on any post and almost at every comments i.e 8/10 comments for sure. I wanted to know if this error is at virily end or something wrong at my end. I have checked with keyboard and almost from every angle . Can some one help.

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  1. It happens when you press the comment button twice. This occurs when the internet network is slow. Or, it might be Virily is taking some time to load your reply thus you press the comment again to command it to load the comment again leading to that error. Just click the back button then press the comment button again.

  2. Normally if you are pressing the post comment button twice, you get that error. I don’t know for sure that is your issue.

    But, if you do the accept or back button does your comment appear?

    If, and only if this is true, then it is that you are clicking the post comment twice.
    if that is not the case, and your comment isn’t there then it is another issue.

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