dumplings with plums….

Association for childhood in the Vojvodina Plain are just plum knitters. Plum wrapped with “potato” test, rolled in a mixture of pork and crystal sugar, and today is one of the mandatory dishes on our astals and almost regular dessert in the villages, ethno restaurants, predominantly in Vojvodina, but also in neighboring Hungary.

Components :500 g of potatoes

500 g of flour

50 g margarine

1 tablespoon of salt

1 teaspoon of sugar

2 eggs

20 plums

200 g of sugar

a little bit of oil

Bake potatoes like puree, slice it and add margarine, salt, spoon of sugar, flour, eggs and all frozen. In the meantime, boil the water in the deeper pot, add a spoon of salt and a little oil. Separate it by hand, after a little bit of dough, pluck it up a little so that you can place the plum in the middle, then gather the ends and close the dough in the gombocus. Put them in boiling water and wait for them to float to the surface. Take them with a grill spoon and roll into pre-prepared noodles to keep on the oil and add crystalline sugar.

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  1. Those sound absolutely wonderful and so pretty, too. If I had a fresh plum I would probably eat it raw, however, or put it in an upsidedown cake or a dump cake. What kind of noodles are those that you roll it in?

  2. This is one of the most beautiful delicious things I often do.Once I found a recipe on the net, which can also be made with mashed potatoes from a bag.It was the same taste … and many quick dumplings were made.I never tried to put another fruit.Maybe it is also tasty with something else .. I do not know … it needs to be tested.

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