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Dude Shadows and Leaves

Bringing the outdoor leaves inside the screen room is a treat for Brendel and the Dude. They love to hear the leaves fall and watch them from inside.

I always bring a few in for them to play with so they can perhaps feel they are outside for a little while. The fall is here. 

The leaves are falling from the tulip poplar trees. I can feel the cool crisp air and it is delightful for it to finally be here. We have record breaking heat over the summer. It is finally gone.


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Written by Carol DM

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  1. You are so sweet! Mine love leaf monsters!! I was happy with the weather…. Last week that is. WE finally felt the crisp coolness of fall.
    This week it is over 80 at the beach, 100 degrees 10 miles inland, and super high winds. sighs..

        • I might have to try that. I have tried the dog food before. That is funny about the treats. Nickle won’t touch a treat, she only likes her dry kibble, not even canned food for her. Lily will eat anything that touches the floor, and begs like a dog at dinner, but she is the skinny one. Makes no sense.

      • If they have never known the outside they do really well. Nickle and Lily have both been attacked by coyotes, and ended up at the vet before I fixed the backyard. It is not worth it to have them go out in a non enclosed environment around here. Too many predators. I know you had problems with your last kitty and her eye. Yours love their sunny screened in porch, and what better way to give them fun. They love leaf monsters!!

  2. I cannot say I enjoy the weather too much now, I would prefer more sunlight and heat. But I am happy that this week we had no rain. I am living now in the mood of heading next month to the places where I will face the summer again. Beautiful Photo, Carol.

  3. I know Brendel like other cats enjoy watching leaves as they fall.
    Luckily, it’s winter too here. But the weather is unpredictable. A day consist of both heavy rain and hot weather. Some parts of the country are experiencing the effects of flooding.

  4. The weather is not overly enjoyable today – cold and damp. This has been felt quite sharply given that we are having all the windows at the front of our house replaced today. The front door has been wide open and large holes appearing where windows used to be! Very draughty!

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