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Dry Skin during Winter

Besides I have oily to normal skin, during winter it always gets dry. It’s automatic: temperatures drop and my skin fades, gets dry, without the radiance that once characterized it and thirsty for something that moisturizes it in depth.

Drinking water and vitamin intake can make a difference in the appearance of our skin. The solution remains something you’ve heard many times: drink more water. Why? Because it is a precious aid in filtering everything in your gut – and everything that happens on the surface of the skin begins in the gut. If we do not have a filtered bowel, we will not have a clean bowel. And if we don’t drink as much water as we need, the skin will reflect that dehydration.

Apply too much moisturizer? – A very common mistake is to apply large amounts of moisturizer, believing that this gesture will make us more hydrated. Our skin needs to breathe. You should not abuse the amount of product you use, as this will clog the pores. Use symbolic amounts of your moisturizing lotion and avoid too heavy formulas.

Learn to read what your skin wants to tell you – When you wake up, touch your skin and try to see if it is flaking, dry, sensitive or oily. There are many external factors that influence its appearance: pollution, air conditioning, stress, among many other conditions. On certain days, the skin needs a nourishing oil; in others, drinking more water will be enough. A tip for ‘urgent’ cases: add a few drops of oil to your moisturizer. The real difference is in using extra hydration, especially if you spend many hours sitting in the office.

Make a mask – Make your own mask with your favorite active ingredient. Use a layered serum instead of using a huge dose of product. Let your skin absorb everything and after ten minutes massage the remaining product and relax.

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