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Dried fruits such as apricots, cranberries, dried grapes, figs or plums are small packagings rich in nutrients and fibers, as their concentration increases with the removal of water from fruits.

For comparison, half a cup of dried apricot cleaned contains 4.7 grams of fiber, while the same amount of fresh apricots contains only 1.6 grams of fiber. In addition, dry fruit is a rich source of antioxidants, as well as folic acid and B vitamins.A survey conducted on 13,000 subjects showed that people who consume dried fruits have a better intake of nutrients than those who do not eat it.However, one should not be disturbed by the fact that in dried fruit there is a higher concentration of natural sugar, which does not necessarily cause concern. For athletes who need fast energy input, this is even very useful, but care must be taken by people looking after the intake of sugar, carbohydrates and calories.

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