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Dragon fruit in the garden

The dragon fruit is a relative of the succulent cactus. The vine is also like cactus with the thorny branches, if that can be called branches. The planting is easy because the dragon plant is not delicate and grows almost anywhere. Taking care is just the need for water although fertilizer is also welcome. But the fruiting season is just once a year so planters of dragon fruit don’t mind the plants during the off season especially when there is rain. In other words, farming dragon fruit is not labor intensive.

So far there are 2 types of dragon fruit. The first and most common is the white one inside and the other is the purple inside. The skin is practically the same so it is hard to distinguish which is which unless you slice it open. Fortunately, most vendors have a label for their dragon fruits so you can choose which one  you like. The white variety is good for salad while the purple variety is good for eating as it is.

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Written by Alex Socorro


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