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Double Amaryllis – The Color Crazy Challenge

All my amaryllis are in bloom now. They are either ready to bloom anytime or they have done blooming. This multilayered huge amaryllis  is currently in bloom. I wanted to share this for the color crazy challenge by Kim .

This amaryllis variety has the biggest bulbs of all. One bulb weighed almost 600 grams in my garden and it is threatening to break the container in which it is growing., telling me that once it is done blooming I need to re- pot it it for the next season.

Amaryllis have four or twelve funnel shaped flowers in a flower stalk. However this variant does not produce more than five in one flower stalk, at least in my garden The flowers stay on for a couple of weeks depending on the weather. Each bulb if it is healthy enough produces two flower spikes in one season with multiple flowers.

Once the flowers are done blooming, the leaves remain green and lovely until the next flowering season in the tropics. I feed the bulb well with organic fertilizers and they will be ready to bloom again in a dew months when it starts to rain.

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    • I have orange, red, pink and white. I had a peach one which seems to have disappeared. I had one white with red markings as well I think it hasn’t bloomed in a couple of years now or maybe it has disappeared too.

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