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Don't Give Up on Virily

There are many issues that are facing Virily. Over the years, users have complained and offered suggestions which will make Virily conducive to users.  

There are still issues that are pending. As noted by Doc and Carol, many users had left Virily last year. Our numbers are decreasing significantly which is affecting our earnings significantly. 

If Virily isn’t profiting, they might be forced  to close the site. For the site to exist for three years and pay its writers is something to be proud of the site as users. It’s a testament of their continuous dedication and effort to ensure the site remains afloat. 

As users we have a job to play. And I have noted users are coming with different ways of ensuring we benefit from the site as users and the site also benefits from our input and theirs. 

As explained by Doc (I think 2 years ago) setting up a site and maintaining a site isn’t easy. There are many things to consider including costs. This rings true to setting up a blog. It takes months or years to begin reaping profits from a blog. 

Let us not give up on Virily. Also worth noting, as users we can contribute to the site’s downfall. 

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    Will you not give up on Virily?

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    As users we can contribute to Virily’s downfall, agree?

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  1. Taking care of a site is not an easy job and bugs are unavoidable; the bigger issues to me are the lack of communication between admins and users, and the users reactions towards the problems (they often get blown out of proportion).

  2. I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE SITE. I am still trying to get new users to come to the site. I have my own blog and have written articles about Virily. It’s still one of the few sites left that does still pay it’s writers. There are not many left like this. We as authors for the site play the biggest role in whether it succeeds or fails.

  3. I have no problems with virily. Of course, virily value could be higher but I do not complain. For those who are not satisfied and all-time complain of how Virily is bad – open own site and try it. We can play by rules or leave it.
    Once I have left when I did not like how things were going here, but came back and got used again. May one day I will leave again, who knows, but I will not start complaining, I am actually grateful for opportunity to write here and get to know many writers, including you.

    • The site does face several issues. Like you, I left the site only to return three days later. And left again but found myself coming back. I also got used to writers here like you the reason I have remained. It is a good platform to publish and interact with others here. Hopefully, things will get better.

    • It’s easy to say something like that, but if they don’t listen and don’t do things correctly how can we expect they would be capable of anything else and wonder about Viril value going down………… Many people left because of them and their behavior and the way they are “solving” things, if there is not enough activity nor members of course Viril value will go down………..!

    • PS And I had experiences with them where I had to explain to them some elementary things like when editing the title of my post and adding something in it that they should add a blanc space between first! What else to expect then when they are not capable of doing THAT properly………!

    • Lack of communication from Virily is the biggest hindrance. If they we’re responding we wouldn’t be complaining a lot because we would gave found a common ground. But overall, it’s a good site. Having made friends here, I won’t be leaving any sooner.

      • I am not sure if this answer was for me since it was posted as a reply to Fortune…

        Yes, I completely agree about the communication!, that is the main problem, but even a bigger problem is what lies behind that which we can’t certainly know, but from what I noticed and how I experienced it I don’t think the reasons are that good… :/| I think even some conflicts here wouldn’t exist if they did some things properly here…

  4. As long as I see Virily on google to log in, I will be staying. Lately I have not posted as much due to lack of time and also energy but I still log in daily to check on posts and read them and comment. It is too bad that Virily is sliding slowly away but it is up to everybody to do some effort (including me) and the administration to keep the site afloat.

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