Donald Trump Took U-Turn over Wikileaks

President Donald Trump, took U-turn over Wikileaks, when asked if he still love Wikileaks like 2016, told reporters in the Oval Office that he knows “nothing about WikiLeaks.” Donald Trump added, I do not know nothing about WikiLeaks. It’s not my thing and I know there is something having to do with Julian Assange. I’ve been observing what’s happened with Julian Assange.

Julian Assange (Wikileaks founder) was arrested Thursday morning in London after Ecuador dismiss his diplomatic asylum claim. He was charged with helping Ex Military Intelligence Expert Chelsea for the access defense department computer and disclose the secret government documents.

Donald Trump repeatedly denying knowledge about Wikileaks and Julian assange but Trump has a history of supporting Wikileaks in 2016. Donald Trump once said in a rally, “Wikileaks” Oh I love wiki leaks. but still Trump said a day before that he knows nothing about “Wikileaks ” or Julian assange. Reporter asked for commenting on Julian assange arrest, told reporter I don’t have any comments on this case.

Watch Video : Donald Trump Love Wikileaks in 2016

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