Donald Trump Decided To Exercise Special Power For The Construction Of Border Security Wall

Washington :  President Donald Trump decided to exercise special power article II of the constitution for the construction of US Mexico Wall through an executive order. President Trump was talking to Republican senator at white house.President Trump said, this is the charter of republican party from the day one to secure america and this is the part of our campaign (Make America Great Again).

Congressional lawmakers said, Trump border wall won’t solve a national emergency. Remember , Congress just passed a broader security deal two months ago but it doesn’t include any wall money but it does include fund for physical barriers worth $1.375 billion for “Bollard Fencing” only.

Republicans have also worried that using such special power would set up a precedent for Democrats to declare national emergencies in order to obtain funding for their policy priorities in the future, and this would be very wrong precedent which will leave very negative impact on our country.

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