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Dogs And Humans

How do dogs know that you love them?  I am not talking about your pet, but about other dogs you have never met before.

I went to meet my son this last weekend and there was this huge fella who came right up to me wagging his tail. He kept looking into my eyes like he knew me from before. But that was the first time my son or I had seen the dog.

In this picture is one of those dogs whom I had never met before who came up to me and sat rubbing his body against mine.  The owner seemed rather puzzled, she told me that he never behaves this way with strangers.

Yesterday one of my neighbors came home  to see me, He had moved out of this neighborhood a couple of years back. When he got his first pup, I helped him train his pup.  We used met in the neighborhood a few times every week  and I used to play with his puppy then.  This pup now a two year old, jumped on my lap and kept looking at my face like he was a long lost friend. He refused to go home when it was time to go.

I guess dogs can tell people who love them from those who don’t. They are so adorable because of their nature to love unconditionally.


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  1. There are a number of scientific studies on this. The easy button is as the dog approaches does the person respond (its called Micro-expression). That Micro-expression is the clue the dog gets and acts on.

    They keep their distance.
    Move to be between you and their owner.
    Or, they approach you.

    While dogs have amazing senses of smells, the issue with relying on that is simply the direction of the wind.

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