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Does your dog chase its tail?

Although most people consider a dog to chase its tail for fun, the reason is not always that. Recently my cousin took her dog to the vet and surprisingly there are many other reasons why dogs have this behavior.

Pain: If the animal is experiencing pain in the tail or anal region it is normal for the dog to chase the tail, bite and lick to relieve discomfort.

Anxiety: Some reactions to anxiety in dogs are excessive licking or chasing the tail.

Parasites: Since parasites cause itching, the animal often tries to lick and nibble on its tail.

Neurological Problems: Problems such as epilepsy or brain tumors can cause changes in behavior, such as chasing your own tail.

Anal Gland Problems: If these glands ignite they cause discomfort, prompting the dog to search the area.

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  1. My dog was always chasing and biting her tail, so she never had hair on the tail. We tried different things but nothing really helped, the vet said that it’s a psychological thing. Apart from that, she didn’t show any other symptoms.

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