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Do you watch foreign films?

If you’re tired of love and your partner, the new French movie La belle époque is a must-watch for your couple’s life. The theme of eternal love is spoken easily, even, I would say, cynically, and at the same time deeply and not banally.

The film is about how we want to love and how we really love, about nostalgia searching for lost time, about trying to catch up with youth, about selfishness in a couple, about the fact that love is not resistant to the erosion of running time… The only antidote  to all this – to fall in love with your partner every day, a little bored already, maybe even dull, but kind of your own.

And the only condition for the longevity of love is to fold your ego into a tiny piece, hide deep together with the panic of impending old age, and teleport your mind daily to that first moment when it became clear that this is the man or woman of your life.

And when you feel it, when you re-choose to love the person of your life every day, grab this moment with your teeth, nails, and heart, and never let it go away.  Because true love strikes us not so often.

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