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Do you verify the news first before you share?

The social media, especially Facebook has become a major highway for news and other information.  Users frequently share stories, news, memes and all sorts of other information. However, it has also become a major medium of false and unverified ‘news’ or information. In other words,  FAKE NEWS!

Some are obvious and may be posted as pranks. Some, however, are quite close to the true news but with added information that is not true.

Here in the Philippines, politicians seem to more than willing to spend (or waste, rather) a lot of money just to spread false information against their political opponents is quite the trend.

What is sad, so many people would tend to believe these fake news and willingly ‘share’ the false information.

Frankly speaking, I’m tired of seeing these Fake news or news containing some distorted truth.

Yesterday, when I saw a ‘news’ that is related to a recent event here in the Philippines, I suspected that the information is a bit twisted. So I Googled the headline to check if other mainstream news media have similar headlines. The results lead only to one site. The same site that was shared on Facebook.

I checked the other news from that site, although some of their news titles are true, many are twisted and false. One result leads me to a site called Vera Files Fact Check.

I posted that information as part of my comment on the fake news that appeared on my Facebook wall.

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    Do you often read ‘news’ that was shared on your social media?

    • Yes
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    Do you always share ‘interesting’ news and information (from unknown news media) on your social media without verifying them?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you verify suspicious news before sharing them?

    • Yes
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    Do you know a site or sites that checks the news or information whether they are true or not? (please share the link on the comment section)

    • Yes


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  1. I didn’t know about fake news until there was once I encountered it. It was a news about a celebrity died. I was shocked and told my friend about it. He verified and told me it’s a fake news, and also told me there are a lot of fake news like this, so I have to verify the news first. I was glad I didn’t really share the news to others, but only to this friend.


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